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Thank you for being you, because I cant think of really ANYONE else who was talking about this stuff on this type of level back when I was in the middle of an addiction to it. Your perspective has really helped me to see differently


I am only 6 minutes in and your video has sparked an incredible breakthrough in my spirtual journey. In self forgiveness and self love. I remember watching you a couple years ago and I really could not grasp fully what you were saying. Ive recently gone through very much very quickly. And I just wanted to know I remembered your words for a long time because I remembered you from long ago but only now have I been able to start to put the pieces fully together. I havent watched pornography in a long time, I honestly cant remember the last time but I think it was weeks ago or maybe even a month now. 


This really helped mate. Your perspective gave great insight into overcoming this addiction.
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