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A little bit about me:


            I dealt with a pornography addiction for almost two decades. While you wouldn't be able to tell from my outward appearance but on the inside I was a mess. The damage that I did to my brain through my porn use greatly affected my ability to focus and maintain relationships. It became even worse when I started to come across the more perverse forms of porn; i.e., hypno, sissy, humiliation porn. I was stuck in a cycle of use and abuse, stop start, relapse and binge. It wasn't until I hit my rock bottom that I started to change. That's when I started SaveTheSelf. I wanted to make the most of path and share everything that I learned throughout my journey. 

All this time I was looking and hoping for a quick solution or great epiphany that would get me out of this cycle of self sabotage. That quick solution never came, but the epiphanies did, I would get a moment of clarity where I could really take a look at the damage I was doing to myself; those moments of clarity did not last however and a few days or week later I would relapse. The first thing that I had to get control over were my thoughts and actions, which seems pretty obvious but this insight must not be understated when it comes to recovery. The first battle always starts in your mind. The conclusion that I came up with is that there are three ways to start down the path and the best way depends on you; the three ways are physical, mental, and spiritual. 

            I started my youtube channel to share my story, what I learned in overcoming my addiction, and to show my face. It is very important to me that people realize that anyone can fall prey to addiction no matter what you look like, your age, or your position in society. I aim to remove the stigma around people seeking out help for behavioral addictions such as pornography addiction. Over time I would have moments of clarity into the underlining causes of state of being. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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